“The majority of young people need the foundations of careers education before they participate in career guidance. Some need lots of support and many need personal guidance in a variety of accessible forms.”

Our approach is to provide multiple career guidance interactions offering schools a variety of methods to access personal guidance. By accessing our assemblies, presentations, workshops, and career lessons, young people are better prepared for their one to one personal guidance meeting with our qualified career advisers.

We have designed and developed our career lessons from the CDI Framework learning outcomes, with a range
of career and personal development activities to encourage self-awareness, decision making skills, opportunities awareness and transition management skills. During the activities there are many opportunities for the participating young people to speak to and engage with their Innervate Career Adviser and build rapport for future access of the service and further one to one personal guidance.

Our careers and personal guidance services can help schools and career advisers make the most effective and efficient use out of the resources, time and personnel available.

“Personal guidance needs to be embedded and emerged in a school’s careers programme.”

The approach we provide enables this to happen at each key stage for each year cohort. It supports schools in addressing the needs of students with an effective way of planning caseloads and preparing students for personal guidance interviews.

Our Services include:

  • Delivery of careers and personal guidance activities – please see menu of services below
  • Preparation and associated administration relating to activities
  • Detailed Career Action Plans, summarising key information, advice and guidance enabling students to implement and achieve identified SMART targets
  • Ofsted evidence folder with reports demonstrating measured impact of delivered career activities
  • Half term updates for the Ofsted evidence folder including interview history logs and stats, and reports of student’s post-interview evaluation and feedback
  • Management, quality assurance, training and CPD of career advisers delivering in school
  • Advice, consultancy and inset sessions to support staff with strategic planning and the implementation of career delivery see Resources – Schools & Teachers