Gaining experience in the work place

Gaining work experience is a great way to learn about a particular job and develop your skills in the world of work.

A work experience placement can last from 1 day up to 2 weeks and helps give you insight into a business and could help you with future job applications.

The benefits of work experience include:

  • Opportunity to explore different careers and learn first-hand what a job entails
  • Chance to speak with employees and find out how they entered that career
  • Gain an understanding of what employers expect from employees
  • Develop your skills and self-confidence, and build up your CV
  • Create contacts that could lead to opportunities in the future

Finding work experience

There are a large number of companies offering work experience days and weeks to 16-18 year olds but it’s also worth asking your family and friends, or local business owners.

A great place to start is where you can explore current work experience opportunities in different industries.

Virtual work experience

Virtual work experience is a great way to learn about being in the workplace without having to go out on a placement.

Here’s some helpful links for exploring virtual work experience:

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» Speakers for Schools – Virtual Work Experience

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