Exploring University

The key tool to help you start exploring university is the UCAS website, where you can explore every possible degree at every university in the UK.

If you apply to university, you will create and submit your application to universities through the UCAS application portal.

Things to consider when looking for degree courses:

  • What is the course about and what would you be studying?
  • What grades will you need to be eligible to take the degree?
  • Are there any specific subjects that you are required to take at college/ sixth form?
  • Do you want to study far away or close to home or somewhere in between?
  • How much are the tuition fees and how are you going to pay for them?

It’s important to think about if you want to take a subject that leads to a specific career path or if you want to take something that could keep many options open.

In terms of careers, it’s ok if you don’t have all the answers yet, it’d good to remember that over 75% of graduate careers (jobs that require a degree) do not specify a particular degree, so you can still keep your options open!

We’ve put some useful links together to help you find out more about going to university:

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