Parents / Carers

Innervate would like to work with as many schools and students as possible to ensure every young person has access to high quality career and personal guidance. We want to inspire young people about careers, the world of work and education and training opportunities while raising aspirations and achievement. If you would like further details regarding the services we can provide schools please follow the link to Information for Schools.

If you would like further information on careers, options and future planning please see our Resources for Young People.

It is a statutory requirement that schools provide their students with access to a qualified career adviser. It may be that your school has arrangements in place so please ask to speak to the Careers Manager/Leader (every school should provide contact details of this person(s) on their website).

If you would like further details on the Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance standards schools should be working towards, please follow the link for Resources for Schools & Teachers and download our Meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks (PDF).