How to apply for an apprenticeship (school leavers)

Applying for an apprenticeship will take dedication and effort. You will need to research opportunities, apply and go through an interview process.

  • STEP 1: Create an account on the Find an Apprenticeship service

    Once you have created your account you will be able to search for and save any apprenticeships you like, then apply for them later.

  • STEP 2: Search for opportunities

    There are hundreds of apprenticeship opportunities to choose from. You can search on Find an Apprenticeship and also by looking on company websites.

    Tip: January and February is a good time to look if you’re finishing year 11 in the summer.

  • STEP 3: Create a CV and cover letter

    When you’ve found an apprenticeship you want to apply for, you will need a CV and cover letter. Barclays Lifeskills is a great resource for tips on creating your CV and cover letter.

  • STEP 4:  Apply

    Remember there are lots of people applying so try to apply for a number of apprenticeships in order to increase your chances.

    It’s good to keep track of the closing dates so you have a rough idea of when you might hear back. Don’t worry if you don’t get an interview or even if you don’t hear back from an employer – this happens to everyone.

  • STEP 5: Interview

    If your application is successful, the employer will invite you for an interview. is a great resource for understanding the interview process. Read more about the interview process…

    Don’t be disheartened if you attend an interview but you don’t get offered the place – this is normal as there are only limited places available. It’s great practice for your interview skills though!